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About Us

MaYeT Systems Is an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Company mainly focusing & specializing in . . .

  • GPS Real Time Vehicle Tracking Systems,
  • Speed Governor (Limiters).
  • Biometric Time & Attendance Management Systems,
  • Security Systems Installations
  • ERP Software Solutions,

First founded in 2001 as ComNet Ltd, in London/UK by highly skilled professionals who have gained deep expertise in the ICT area by working in various international companies:

In 2008, a clear perception of the growing need and demand for the ICT sector in Ethiopia by the private sector and the government has motivated Mayet Systems to open its office in Ethiopia/Addis Ababa: Hence, Mayet has been serving its clients here in Ethiopia since, and has exceptional team of experts that have been serving in the supply and installation of the above listed products & solutions.

MaYeT Systems works hand-in-hand with its internationally renowned partners to provide quality and high standard services to its clients at a reasonable and cost effective manner for the Supply and installation of the above mentioned products, systems and solutions to be actively working in Ethiopia.

Our highly trained team of professionals will go above and beyond the sales to ensure customers satisfaction with our products and services. Our goal is to improve our customer’s business and services.

Our objective is serving our clients with innovative State-of-the-art Hi-Tech products, building healthy and successful company that is a leader in customer service and that has loyal customers.

Our products, systems and solutions are new Technology solutions to this market, our vision is to reduce unnecessary expenses and costs the private sector and government business and services face here in our country, by Supplying and installing the right product, systems and solutions that will save life, property and significant amount of money to business owners and save hard currency for the country on the same time.


At MaYeT Systems our goal is to put clients first by providing solutions that deliver value and efficiency to their organization’s operations. We focus and deliver solutions around our clients’ needs through a thorough understanding of their business and development process.

In addition to putting our customers first, you can expect:

  • First class customer support
  • Customized solutions specific to your business requirements and objectives
  • Strong industry experience with highly knowledgeable staff
  • Focus on YOUR business
  • Alliances with key industry players in various industry sectors
  • Firm project management and solid technical expertise

We are providers of leading technology solutions servicing private enterprises, government sectors and individual consumers. 

Contact us today to find out how we can bring value to your business and Services.