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Speed Governor

What is a Road Speed Limiter?

A Road Speed Limiter (RSL) or Speed Governor Means a device whose primary function is to control the fuel feed to the engine, in order to limit the vehicle speed to a preset value.

Excessive speed in driving heavy vehicles has been a social and governmental issue around the world for many years, primarily from the perspective of road safety. With increased engine power and long axle ratio, attainable speeds for trucks are currently much higher than the speed limits on highways and secondary roads in many countries.

Excessive speed in trucks has numerous consequences, including:

  • Higher rates of accidents involving fatalities and serious injuries
  • Increased operating and maintenance costs for the transport industry
  • Increased costs for insurance companies
  • Greater environmental pollution

Advantages of Road Speed Limiters

  • Reduced accident risk due to limitation of the maximum vehicle speed
  • Decreased environmental pollution due to minimized pollutant emissions
  • Driver is able to devote full attention to the traffic environment, because there is no need to monitor speed visually
  • Easy installation of retrofit systems
  • Lower operating costs as a consequence of reduced wear, reduced fuel consumption, lower service costs, longer vehicle lifetime and elimination of fines for speeding


Speed Limiter empowers the driver to have superior control over the vehicle in times of emergencies, thereby, drastically reducing fatalities on the road.


Our Speed limiter controls the vehicle, precisely over the preset speed which will reduce fuel consumption drastically.


Control over speeding means, Less number of breaking, Less vibration, Less Engine strain, less wear and tear, altogether a smooth performance!


Precise control of fuel causes an optimum performance of the engine, results in ideal firing with minimum exhaust gases, and thus reduces air pollution.

Benefits to Fleet Owners

  • Improves fuel economy of the vehicles.
  • Increases Engine life.
  • Reduces Operating & Maintenance cost.
  • Prevents speeding fines.
  • Competitive Pricing of the product.
  • Warranty period of three (3) Years.

Benefits to Drivers

  • Reduced stress & fatigue while driving the vehicle.
  • Better control over vehicle speed.
  • Increases drivers comfort.

Speed management is a very important tool for improving road safety. However, improving compliance with speed limits and reducing unsafe driving speeds are not easy tasks.

We offer comprehensive consultancy to your project managers or Health and safety protection managers, so that your Speed Limiter system can be seamlessly introduced.